Pastors & Staff

Pastor Kimon Criner

Senior Pastor

Pastor Kimon Criner has been the Senior Pastor of Harvest Barn Church since its founding in 1987.  Pastor Kimon has remained faithful to the call of God on his life as he pursues the vision the Lord gave to him while teaching powerful Biblical truths that are applicable to the life we are living right now. Pastor Kimon knows how to show you how to kick the devil's butt in your everyday life.

Bridgette Criner

Associate Pastor

Pastor Bridgette Criner has remained faithful in ministry with Pastor Kimon since 1987, pursuing the vision that God has given this ministry. Pastor Bridgette runs our Women's Ministry and is the Church Administrator, making sure things move forward.  She's also no stranger to the pulpit, preaching relevant messages that remind you who you are in Christ.