our pastors

Pastors Kimon and Bridgette Criner Harvest Barn ChurchWith more than 25 years of experience in the ministry, Pastors Kimon and Bridgette Criner have seen it all, lived it all and made it through it all. They lead the Harvest Barn Church congregation in Wisdom, Truth and Grace as laid out by God in His Word.

getting delivered
Pastor Kimon Criner grew up in Flint, Michigan and was delivered from a life of drugs and alcohol when he met Jesus. He gave himself over to the Lord in April of 1973 in an Assembly of God church and has been the Pastor of Harvest Barn Church with his wife, Bridgette, since 1987.

Pastor Bridgette Criner was raised in Catholic churches but never quite understood what it meant to get saved. She confessed Jesus as her Lord and Savior in 1985 watching Pat Robertson on the 700 Club–and she has been forever changed.

Pastors Kimon and Bridgette have four children and have made their home in East Jordan, Michigan. They have a heart to see people walk in victory over everything that puts them in bondage. As Pastor Kimon puts it, “we teach ya how to kick the devil’s butt with the Word of God!”

let Jesus change your life
Join Pastors Kimon and Bridgette and their congregation at Harvest Barn Church on Wednesday nights or Sunday mornings, and you’ll find life-changing worship, a true expression of God’s love and people trying their best to live the Word of God everyday.