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A Child of God or a Distant Relative?

Deacon Janenne Irene Pung

Janenne Irene Pung

Most of us don’t enjoy family reunions when the collection of people gets beyond the tight-knit group. We all have those strange cousins and long-lost aunts who gush to the point of making us cringe.

We view God the same way.

We’re either confident because we spend time interacting with Him—making Him the tightest of tight—or we go about our lives knowing we’re related, but never trusting Him with our “stuff.”

God is unchanged regardless of what we think of Him.

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Fear Can Sabotage Your Life

Deacon Janenne Irene Pung

Deacon Janenne Irene Pung

Tom grew up in a warzone. Nobody was safe inside the walls of his “home.” While young, he began making excuses for being out—activities, work, whatever. Instead of going to birthday parties and playing sports, he hung out on the streets, hiding the truth.

While out and about, though, he wasn’t searching for something better. He was simply living life on his terms.

“I don’t need anyone. Dreams were stupid.” His attitude was as dark as home.

Though everyone considered him tough as nails, he secretly saw himself as damaged goods. This was the hand he’d been dealt.

Fear as a way of life.

Tom would say he wasn’t afraid of anyone or anything, but fear was masked by the anxiety of when the next snap would come, when the next session of abuse would leave him feeling hated, helpless and alone.

While younger than most, he moved out on his own. But every time he found something good, he waited for the bottom to fall out.

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Let it Rain

deacon janenne irene pung

Janenne Irene Pung

When I sing to God, I relax. Concerns fall away because I’m reminded that God is bigger than any problem. The more I proclaim His greatest in my life, the more joy spills through me.

The other day, during one of these times, I was singing the words “freedom reigns in this place, showers of mercy and grace.” In an instant, I saw the words “rain” and “reign” flash before my eyes. I immediately thought through the meaning of each word:

  • Rain as in water that forms a raindrop and
  • Reign as in acknowledging a sovereign authority.

By singing those words, I was asking God to rain presence into my life. What I heard next surprised me.

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