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Need Help? Cry Out!

Tai Kishefsky and Josie Mosley, Harvest Barn Church

Tai Kishefsky & Josie Mosley

I recently spent the day with my two little granddaughters, Josie and Lilee. Josie is nearly two and Lilee is only five months old. So, this can be a little bit of a handful at times. It seems like while I’m tending to one child, the other has a need.

The other day while I was holding Lilee, Josie fell down and cried a “real cry” from across the room. The kind of cry that I just knew needed me now. Something just kicked in, and I found myself leaping over furniture, skipping over toys and handing Lilee to Papa so I could get to Josie. Suddenly, my only focus was getting there to help her. Anything that would have gotten in my way at that moment, I would have taken out!

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A Child of God or a Distant Relative?

Deacon Janenne Irene Pung

Janenne Irene Pung

Most of us don’t enjoy family reunions when the collection of people gets beyond the tight-knit group. We all have those strange cousins and long-lost aunts who gush to the point of making us cringe.

We view God the same way.

We’re either confident because we spend time interacting with Him—making Him the tightest of tight—or we go about our lives knowing we’re related, but never trusting Him with our “stuff.”

God is unchanged regardless of what we think of Him.

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I Lost A Friend Today

Darrel Maniaci

I lost a friend today, unexpectedly. My mind automatically went racing to all the fun times and things said, done and laughed about. I thought about the kind of person they were and if they had loved Jesus. Fortunately for them, they did.

My friend was not perfect. He made mistakes. But, none of that mattered to his friends and family, because you always felt loved. Isn’t that the key to this life? We leave people feeling loved. I did an inventory of how I had treated this person and if they always felt loved by me.

God’s love is just that: Love. It’s not judgment calls and harsh words. It’s just love. It’s love so big He would send His love, His Son, to die and make sure nothing would come between Him and me again.

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A Mother’s Love–And, the Father’s Love

Tai and Joe Kishefsky

Tai and Joe Kishefsky

Have you ever wondered how much you are loved or if you are loved at all?

There are times in life that really seem much more challenging than others. I have been blessed in having four beautiful children. They have all grown up now and moved out on their own. There were times as they began to grow and need me less that I felt so lonely. I really had to step back and re-think my whole existence.

I would wonder what I was good for.

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