A True Story of Faith

Tai and Joe Kishefsky

Tai and Joe Kishefsky

I just know what my husband will do, even before he does it. It has been 20 years together now, so over time we have become a very good team. I have faith in him. I have no reason to doubt his word. He has proven to be faithful time after time.

I have come to know my God much in the same way. Every time I have prayed in faith, He has shown Himself to be faithful even when the situation seemed impossible. I am learning more and more to confidently rely on Him. Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1). I want to encourage you with a faith story that I heard…

This is the story of a man who went through a very painful divorce and was raising his two children on his own. This man was believing God with his faith for a good wife and mother for his kids. God put it on his heart to act on his faith. Each night he would prepare dinner for his children and himself. Then, when he set the table by faith, he would set an extra plate, fork and glass for his wife. Then, at the end of the meal he would clear her spot.

Several months went by with him doing this and his children watching. His children started catching on and helped set the extra place, too. Many times the man felt like he was acting foolishly and the battle in his mind seemed very loud. Many times this man felt like giving up. Still, he continued on by faith.

Imagine: Months went by and he never gave up because he didn’t see quick results. He pressed on by faith instead.

Do you know what God did for this man and his children? Well, He sent him a good wife that loves his children. God brought a woman from another town to this man. She loves the Lord very much. I’m sure of this because I am this woman, his wife and the happy mother of our 4 children.

When I think of all the months that my husband set a place for me at that dinner table it always touches my heart. To be an answer to someone’s faith is pretty special. God knew what He was doing, because my husband and I are still very much in love.

So let me encourage you to keep believing, because God hears you and is faithful (Hebrews 11:11).

By Deacon Tai Kishefsky, Pastor of the Children’s Ministry

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  1. missy says:

    thank you… thru you Jesus reminded me about what He did to bring my husband to me!

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