A Mother’s Love–And, the Father’s Love

Tai and Joe Kishefsky

Tai and Joe Kishefsky

Have you ever wondered how much you are loved or if you are loved at all?

There are times in life that really seem much more challenging than others. I have been blessed in having four beautiful children. They have all grown up now and moved out on their own. There were times as they began to grow and need me less that I felt so lonely. I really had to step back and re-think my whole existence.

I would wonder what I was good for.

I sought God about this, and I learned two things:

  • First, I’m so much more than just a “Mom.” I have value outside of that. I am a wife, minister, teacher, friend, and so on.
  • The second thing I learned was — are you ready for this? — I’m still their Mom! It’s just changed some.

Baby Josie

Baby Josie

I am now also blessed with two new daughters and a new son. Our first grandbaby, Josie, has come along now, as well. With her, I have learned that there is a whole new level of love. I absolutely love being a Nana!

I was recently pondering all of this and thanking God for all that He has brought my family through (and there has been a lot). You name it, and one of my kids was hit with it. So many times I have interceded for a particular child that was going through something scary.

Always, and I mean always, God has shown Himself to be strong and faithful.

At the time of the crisis, I can recall being willing to do just about anything and go anywhere to help them. I would abandon my own life and run to them if they needed me. I could imagine myself fighting off any enemy that dared to even try to touch one of mine.

Ha-ha! You may laugh, but Mama Bear loves deeply.

I realized if I have so much love and a will to fight for them, then how much more so does our Father in Heaven love and fight for them?

I take great comfort in these words: “When you walk through the water, I will be there and through the flames you will not be burned,” (Isaiah 43:2).

Also, “For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee,” (Isaiah 41:13). There are so many scriptures I learned to love and trust in through times of crisis.

I just love knowing deep down inside that God loves me and all my little bears. And, He loves them even more than I do…

By Deacon Tai Kishefsky, Pastor of the Children’s Ministry

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