When You Need a Change

deacon janenne irene pung

Deacon Janenne Irene Pung

Is the life you’re living far below your plans and hopes? If so, partner with the giver of life.

When admitting we need Jesus as our Savior, we’re changed. II Corinthians 5:17 says we become new creatures: the old things are passed away and all things are new.

I’ve experienced that life-transformation. Instantly, the doom and gloom of failure left. The pain and weight of worry were replaced by joy, hope and peace.

The reality of being a Christian
Many people stumble because there’s a difference between becoming a new person in Jesus and becoming perfect. We still have to deal with behaviors that reflect the old life. Some people question whether they are “saved” just because they continue to make mistakes. Others judge Christians harshly, expecting them to be perfect.

We all need a Savior because we are all imperfect. Why would we act as though we no longer need Jesus after becoming a Christian? We need Him every day—forever. Through all of life’s highs and lows, I know Jesus is taking up my cause and He has already defeated any temptation known to man.

So don’t let your attitude toward your salvation be determined by your behavior. Let it stand on Jesus’ behavior, what God did when He sent His only son so everyone who believes on Him will not perish, but having everlasting life (John 3:16).

It’s simple
Salvation has nothing to do with how good or terrible we are as people. It’s about the love of God. It’s about God’s love for us and His being ever-present to help us, forgive us and encourage us.

As long as we believe in Jesus and give our hearts to Him, we are children of God, new creatures who only have the limitations we place on ourselves.

In John 10:10, Jesus says the thief (Satan) comes to steal, kill and destroy, but He came so we may have life and have it more abundantly. I choose to tap into the abundance of love and opportunity. How about you?

— By Janenne Irene Pung, Deacon and Women Alive Leader, Harvest Barn Church

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