Stay in Your Lane


Mae Hillaker and Lacsey Zumbaugh

In both track and speed skating, competitors usually have their own lane they must stay in until they cross the finish line. Becoming distracted and stepping out of their designated lane could result in a disqualification, so their focus is on the finish line and the prize.

Christians have a race to run, also (Hebrews 12:1), and like the track or speed skaters, we have a well defined course with a prize to be won.

When we step off course and start judging how others are doing in this race, our focus has changed and is no longer on the finish line and the prize (Romans 14:10).

We need to consider one another and help each other in this race of faith so we can all reach the finish line as winners and receive the prize together (2 Timothy 4:7).

–By Mae Hilliker, Deacon, Harvest Barn Church

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