Let’s try some spring cleaning

Tai KishefskyAs a mother of four, I learned early on the need for cleanliness and organization. I’ve always considered cleaning my house as a “good” thing. It is good to take care of the blessing God has given us.

The bible says in Luke 19:17: “Well done thou good and faithful servant, thou has been faithful in little and now I will make you ruler over much.” That has always stood out in my mind. Once I know what God says, I want to obey, right?

Touching hearts through obedience

God wants us to be hospitable to others. How can we minister effectively if our homes or cars are so messy we are embarrassed to have people around? If you let your life go, it doesn’t take long before chaos comes to visit.

I once saw a person offer to give someone a ride, but they first had to clean out a spot for them to sit and then catch pop cans as they rolled out into the parking lot! I’ve seen others neglect financial responsibilities for long periods of time, then act shocked when the consequences come! Still others neglect their physical bodies and then get mad at God when the results of their unhealthy choices manifest.

Doing our part

We need to remind ourselves of some godly discipline. Just because God promises to forgive (or heal) us, it does not mean we should run around irresponsibly. It is not just about us. We need to be ready to serve God always, and some lifestyle choices can hinder our ability to serve.

We need to stop making excuse for ourselves and clean up our lives. Not only does it make us into a more responsible people, but it also makes us more peaceful and able to relax!

When your child suddenly declares “it’s red shirt day, Mom,” you can easily find the shirt instead of fly into a panic! You can locate your husband’s check stubs because you know where they’re kept. You will always have a clean glass to drink from because you washed them.

So, set some disciplined habits for your household, your finances and your physical wellbeing. The bible says in Col 3:23 to: “do everything heartily as unto the Lord.” That should be reason enough to do our best in our daily lives. I sometimes pretend that Jesus will be stopping over. When considering that, how many things would we do differently?

-By Deacon Tai Kishefsky, Pastor of the Children’s Ministry at Harvest Barn Church

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  1. jill says:

    Great article. I have noticed personally that if everything around me is in an uproar then I will soon be in an uproar. I also have a hard time giving things to people that I can see don’t take care of what they have already.

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