having confidence in god’s will

worship-leader-alex-burnsThe Lord was talking with me the other day. I had asked him how I’d know if I was missing out on something. He showed me Luke 1 and told me some things about Zacharias and Sarah I had never thought about before.

Luke 1:5 talks about how Zacharias was a priest in his city, Abia. His wife, Sarah, and he were seen as righteous in the eyes of God. Now, being righteous back then was harder than today. You had to sacrifice, pray, burn incense, and give offerings on a faithful basis. Could you imagine having to do that today? People think it’s too hard nowadays to just believe they’re righteous in God’s eyes.

seeing an angel
Chapter 1 of Luke tells of Zacharias’ encounter with the angel who told him that Sarah would have a child. Zacharias answered the angel with doubt and fear. Not smart. The angel told him his mouth would be shut from unbelief.

I started thinking that, even through unbelief and fear, God’s will was still able to come forth. It hadn’t disqualified him from God’s plan. The biggest question I had was whether shutting Zach’s mouth was going against his free will? Deuteronomy 30:19 says that God has given us our free will to accept Him as Lord and Savior, or to believe unto death. Either way, God leaves it up to us to decide.

Then I realized – Zacharias had more faith in God’s plan than his own. He knew that no matter what he thought was best, God knew better. His free will was focused on God’s Will coming to pass. That was the only way Zacharias was able to fulfill God’s Will for him.

just believe
We all need this state of mind. God knows what’s best!

1 John 5:1 describes what “believing” on God means. To “believe” is to adhere to, trust in, and rely on. If we call ourselves “Believers,” let’s remember what all that entails. It means that we adhere to God’s word, trust in His Will for our lives, and rely on it to come to pass.

when believing seems hard
burns-familyThe best way to hook into believing and trusting on God is to pray in the Holy Spirit.

2 Corinthians 10:4-5 says “The weapons of our warfare are not physical, but they are mighty before God for the overthrow and destruction of strongholds.” He’s talking about spiritual prayer or praying in the spirit. It’s meant for the destruction of strongholds. A stronghold is anything in your life that goes against God’s Will for you. It’s anything you hold in higher priority than God’s Will for your life. Every time you pray in the Holy Spirit, you are tearing down the walls and creating a way for God’s Will to come to pass in your life.

you’re not on your own
Praying in tongues is letting the Holy Spirit pray God’s perfect Will for you, through you. The Holy Spirit is literally entering into the thrown room on your behalf and speaking through you—every secret and plan that God has for you.  How awesome is that? Read Romans 8:27. The Holy Spirit intercedes on your behalf. He’s doing all the work. We just have to speak it out with confidence, knowing we are speaking God’s perfect Will.

1 John 5:14 has been misrepresented in the past. It says “And this is our confidence which we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, he listens and hears us.”

God knows best
What better way to ask things according to God’s will than to let the Holy Spirit do it for us? A lot of times, we think we know what God’s will is and pray it out but get mad when nothing happens. Maybe you think it’s His will, but it’s not.

God knows His own Will better than we do. The best way to figure out God’s Will for us is to grow in our relationship with Him, trusting that He’s got it all worked out if we just adhere to, trust in, and rely on Him. Keep praying in the Holy Spirit and keep reading the Bible and spending time with the Lord. It’s the personal, intimate relationship with God that keeps us moving forward in His Will.

–By Alex Burns, Worship Leader at Harvest Barn Church

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