Go ahead: shout good news

“We write this to make our joy complete.” 1 John 1:4 (NIV)

Christian blog post author Nancy WhiteHave you had an experience so good that you couldn’t wait to tell someone else about it? Maybe you told your friends about a book or movie you wanted them to read or see. Perhaps you gave them a new recipe you thought they ought to try. When we encounter good things, we want to share what we’ve found—it’s just human nature.

The people in the Bible were like us. John had walked with Jesus, heard Him teach and witnessed his miracles. John had seen the face of God everyday as he looked at Jesus. He was overflowing with the joy of his experiences. His world had been changed, and he had to proclaim the good news.

One test of our relationship with God is whether we care enough to tell others about the new life we’ve found in Christ. When we do, the effect spreads like ripples in the pond. In the telling, our joy isn’t diminished, it’s doubled and tripled. That’s how the good news works.

–By Nancy White, Deacon at Harvest Barn Church

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