how to solve a problem the God-way

childrens-ministry-pastorsI can remember when I was in 3rd grade and it was time to learn multiplication in school. I never did well in math, and this seemed like an insurmountable task for me. I remember my dad deciding that this was not going to be something that defeated me, and he put a plan into place.

Every evening he would send me into my room with a list to learn, such as the fives or the sevens. I would stay in there for awhile, and when I felt confident that I knew the list, I would come out and stand before him. He would sit there in his recliner and say a problem to me such as 7 x 4. Then, he would snap his fingers and I was supposed to be able to say the answer as quickly as he snapped. If I hesitated, or tried to count on my fingers, he would quickly send me back to my room to study more – oh, and I can remember the times I wailed in tears as I ran back to my room! Many, many times actually.

solving the problem
Then one glorious day, no matter which problem he put in front of me, I could quickly answer him. I was so happy, and he was so proud. What a great memory that day is.

I didn’t realize it then, but my Dad was helping me learn a principle that I’d use in my adult Christian life. You see, when the devil comes at you with a problem, you cannot be standing there hesitating and counting on your fingers and still trying to learn what to say to him. You need to know the Word of God already, and be able to speak it out in the snap of your fingers!

If the problem is regarding healing, you need to quickly say, “No devil! 1 Peter 2:24 says that by His stripes I am healed!”

If he comes at you with sadness, you need to know that Nehemiah 8:10 says the joy of the Lord is my strength.

If you cannot quickly respond in the snap of your fingers, the devil has more time to work on you with his problem. After all, it’s what we SAY to the problem (the mountain) that makes it move (Matthew 11:23).

Now I am going to go back to my room and study some more! I am going to be ready.

-By Deacon Tai Kishefsky, Pastor of the Children’s Ministry at Harvest Barn Church

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