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In the margin of my Bible next to Mark 1:40-45 I have written, “When others won’t Pastor Rena Story Shiawassee Harvest Churchtouch you with a ten foot pole, Jesus will touch you with His hand.”

The story here is of the leper that came beseeching Jesus, kneeling, and saying, “If you will, you can make me clean.” Jesus’ response was love. He was moved by love to stretch out His hand and touch the leper. This man, be it something he had done or something that happened to him, contracted this horrible disease, a disease that is very contagious and was ruining his life – yet, Jesus was not afraid of this disease.

a fresh start
In the story, we see that Jesus just touched Him. Immediately, the leprosy left the man, and he was made clean. Yes, we see that Jesus has the power to heal and clean a life, but we also see this power working through the love flowing from Him. A life that was ruined was given a fresh start.

Now, instead of the disease changing his life for the worst, Jesus changed his life for the best. When other people would not touch him Jesus did. When other people cast him away, Jesus stretched to gather him in.

I can remember the first time I read this story. The tears ran down my face. I was like that leper. I didn’t have a terrible physical disease, but I thought I had ruined my life by making bad choices. Then, Jesus stretched out His love to me, and made me clean. He healed me. He loved me. He gave me a fresh start. When others were throwing me away, He gathered me in.

get your fresh start
As we gather together for the Women’s Conference on October 6 and 7, we may be thinking, “It sounds like a good time,” or “No one understands what I’m going through,” but be sure of this: Jesus Himself is gathering us in. He is gathering us in to touch us with His love and give us a fresh start.

Jesus is calling. Go ahead and answer – He won’t poke you with a pole.

See you at the conference!

Love ya,

Pastor Rena

**Pastor Rena Story of Shiawassee Harvest Church will be joining us as a speaker at the Women’s Conference in October. Join us in this life-changing, core-shaking conference! We hear God’s showing up, too! Be blessed.

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