loving how Jesus loved

As I was cleaning around the church, I got to thinking about respect. Where has it gone for the church? This was just a thought, but it leads me to thinking about respect for each other.

The Amplified Bible tells us “to show honor to one another,” and the King James Bible describes it as “preferring one another” in Romans 12:10. We say we love then gossip Mighty Munchkinsand criticize; we are frequently quick to judge, when instead we should show love to one another and be praying for others.

what did Jesus do?
Throughout His time on the earth, Jesus was a servant to all He came across—even though He was the King of Kings (Luke 22:27)!

Throughout our time on the earth, we should be serving God, our Pastors, our church and each other – and we should be serving in love. Galatians 5:13 tells us to “by love serve one another.” I know it’s not easy, but we need this love and compassion to serve, honor and respect each other with the right attitude.

Look how Jesus loved:

“And a leper came to Him, begging Him on his knees and saying to Him, If You are willing, You are able to make me clean. And being moved with pity and sympathy, Jesus reached out His hand and touched him, and said to him, I am willing; be made clean,” (Mark 1:40-41).

When I really read that I knew I didn’t have it, and I knew it was affecting my love Loveand respect for others. I’m not saying I’m where I should be, yet, in my love walk, but I know there is someone bigger inside me that moves me to find out what is going on with others. He teaches me to not be so quick to criticize and judge but to always love and respect others as fellow children of God—whether saved or unsaved.

Need more love and compassion? You can ask God for more—He will give it to you. I asked Him for more, and to this day He is still working with me and giving me more of both, which brings me to talking about you.

To love others, you must love yourself. Do you realize that every time you put yourself down by saying things like “I’m stupid, ugly, fat, etc.” you might as well be slapping God Himself in the face? “You are made in His image,” (Genesis 1:26).

Psalms 139:14 says, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Fearfully means revere.

Revere means with deep respect.

Get to know who God says you are. Read His Word. It’s time to start liking yourself and forgiving yourself. God has.

–By Deborah Froats, Deacon, Harvest Barn Church

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