being consistent against the persistent

Joe and Tai KishefskyWe have an adversary—the devil—that thinks he can outlast us. The question is, will he?

I’d like to talk about being consistent about speaking God’s Word until you see it come to pass in the natural.

the devil is a defeated foe
The devil is nothing but a liar. He knows that the Word of God will defeat him every time; so, in our lives the Word of God needs to speak louder than the devil. The Word needs to be the final authority in every situation.

When Jesus was led into the wilderness, He defeated the devil with God’s Word every time. He said “it is written”—we need to do the same thing. When the devil tries something, we need to apply the Word of God. After all, Jesus gave us all the power and authority that He had, and we can use the Word on the devil like He did (Matthew 28:18-20).

We need to stop being lazy and get up and take God at His Word and actually DO His Word in our daily lives. Regardless of how many lies you may hear or how long they may last, we must remain consistent against the persistent.

you have the victory!Doug Wooliver
In Matthew 8:5-10, we can read the story of Jesus and the centurion. When the centurion came to Jesus to heal his servant, it required Jesus to “speak the Word only.” The centurion understood that Jesus had authority over sickness, and sickness had to listen to the words Jesus spoke. We can do this, too.

We are glorifying God when we take Him at His Word, applying it, believing it and speaking it until it comes to pass. We need to stop thinking that we don’t deserve anything good—Jesus spilled out His blood for us! He must think we are good and worth it.

He did this so we can have victory over all things, and we need to accept that as the final authority over everything. Now if the Word of God says we can have anything we ask in Jesus’ name (Hebrews 4:16), then I am going to take Him at that Word and start asking!

–By Joe Kishefsky, Children’s Pastor and Deacon, Harvest Barn Church

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