Celebrating His Resurrection

Wow, what a great week this is! The beloved Jews are celebrating Passover, and it brings us, the Christians, into Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday—the time we celebrate Jesus’ triumph over Satan, death, Hell and the grave—thank you, God!

the real celebration of Easter
Good Friday is called a “good” day, because Jesus gave Himself up to death for us. He died, went to Hell and was raised up for us all. Having paid our debt for sin, He passed from death unto life to live unto God forever more (Romans 6:3-11). He could have changed His mind and let us all perish, as it says in Matthew 26:39 and Matthew 26:47-54—but He didn’t!

Jesus had access to 12 legions of angels to come and deliver Him up in His days of suffering, and take Him back to God the Father. Instead, He chose to go through it all for us, because He saw us believing in what He was about to do (Hebrews 12:2).

God had more than 60, 000 angels standing by, and Jesus knew that at any time if He shouted out for His Father to come deliver Him that He would have been. Although, He knew He would have been out of this world, and we would have all been doomed. Thank you, Jesus for hanging in there for us!—no pun intended.

This takes us back to the scripture pretty much everybody knows: John 3:16. One may say, “how can I know that I am saved?” Just look at Romans 8:8-10.

Believe it. Say it. Do it.

Love God and each other (1 John 3:14).

–By Pastor Kimon Criner, Harvest Barn Church

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